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Kevlar (TM) is an Abrasion-Resistant fabric by DuPont and…

Kevlar (TM) is an Abrasion-Resistant fabric by DuPont and…. after a DuPont robot read this website, they sent me a trademark infringement notice, and threatened that it could all go pretty… legal.

See, this was because I was finding tags on various secondhand consignment motorcycle riding jeans and jackets and gloves and shirts that stated that those items contained Kevlar. Somewhat innocently I would then repeat that pleasing feature in a text description, which info then found its way online for you folks (and DuPont) to read.

Turns out…. Can’t say it. Can’t print it. They charge money for the right to say it.

Anyhow, we are a very small business in a pandemic year and I ain’t got the time or energy to be scrapping with a megacorp, so if you search for this word, here it is, only on this page, and not describing ANY item in particular.

If you want to shop for our items containing all brands and sorts of abrasion-resistant fabric, here you go:

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