East Side Re-Rides eShop

Online Shopping Info

All our in-store items are also available online (except the very newest arrivals, because we require time to get things entered). We remove sold items once a day, and add new incoming items twice a week.

The Simultaneous Shoppers Issue

Items in the online store are ALSO being shopped for in the real-world store during business hours. We remove sold stock at the end of every day, and pull new web orders every day before we open, but still… poop occurs. If you buy something that was sold earlier but not yet removed from the online store, we’ll refund your money immediately. We will not be held responsible for acute disappointment.

Payment Methods

Shipping/Delivery Options

  • We’ll ship anywhere in Canada or the contiguous United States.
  • We’re working out shipping costs of lightweight items, and might be missing some of the items. If you’re trying to buy a pair of leather bootlaces and they look like they’ll cost you $25 to ship 4 blocks, something’s gone wrong, and please let us know so we can fix it.
  • Items can be bought online with OR without paying, and picked up at East Side Re-Rides. HERE FOR PICK UP & PAY HELP
  • SHIPPING COSTS: We regularly price our shipping at UNDER what we have to pay the shipper, as a way of encouraging y’all to shop happily. Please be aware that as of 2022, the fuel surcharge on top of the standard shipping rates can be as much as $10 a box, so we’ve had to adjust our prices. It’s still less, in each case, than we pay the shipper, so please direct any complaints about shipping costs to Canada Post. 🙂
  • Speaking of, you only have to pay shipping for the bulkiest item, and everything else will ship along with it for free, so do consider doing some extra shopping while you’re here!

What if I Don’t Pick Up My Order?

Storage space for orders is in desperately short supply, and we need things picked up promptly. If you can’t make it within the time period, we are understanding, we are kind; make a specific arrangement with us (604-327-7433), otherwise…

  • Unpaid “pick up & pay” orders will be canceled and the items returned to stock after five (5) working days.
  • Paid orders will be canceled and refunded, and the items returned to stock in ten (10) working days. If we can’t refund you and we can’t reach you, we will re-consign the items on your behalf, at standard rates.
  • If you abandon an order more than once, or otherwise abuse the system, we’ll reject all further online purchases from you.


  • We WILL be accepting returns on online sales to Canada. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs of getting it back to us. East Side Re-Rides, upon receipt of the item ** the item being in the same condition in which it sold**, will refund the exact cost of the item plus any tax charged on it. Shipping costs are non-refundable except in special circumstances.
  • The important part is, if the thing you have received does not fit and you need to return it, you MUST get in touch with us within 7 days of laying your hands on it. Then we can work things out together.
  • We will accept returns from the USA but are not responsible in any way for customs / border hang-ups, show-downs, or charges.
  • Helmets are non-returnable. Please know your size.

Our Promise

If things go wrong we’ll do our best to make them right.